Commercial Airconditioners


Design, Quoting, Project Management and Installations


The Aircon Centre can assist you with any commercial contracting solutions that you need. Our services include design, quoting and estimating, expert consulting, project management, installation and hands on job site management for any commercial air conditioning or ventilation project. Our experience, enables quality and passion for problem solving and we will provide the best solution for any commercial challenge. We have developed strong relationships within the industry that can be utilised for a holistic approach to your commercial project. The Aircon Centre is highly qualified with teams dedicated to commercial airconditioning installations.


We offer a full range of commerical airconditioners for offices, warehouses, buildings and shopping centres We offer a wide range of commercial airconditioners. Below are some of the products we supply, install, service and repair.


We specialise in:

Server Room installations

Labratory installations

Office installations

Hotel installations

Warehouse installations



Midwall Split airconditioners


These units have an indoor and an outdoor unit and are the most popular choice for small offices.



Cassette Airconditioners



The cassette airconditioner is mounted in the ceiling and is suitable for residential and commercial applications.


Ducted Systems


Suitable for areas larger than 40sqm. Used in commercial and industrial applications as well as upmarket residential. Various rooms can be heated and cooled with this unit. Hidden in the ceiling, this product is suitable for applications that require floor level or individual level air conditioning for buildings where there are many rooms or halls, such as restaurants, concert halls and hotels. Installation is not hindered by the location of lighting fixtures or room structure, and interior renovation is made easy with the installation of various ventilation diffusers.





This unit is suitable for large office buildings. The Samsung outdoor DVM unit can be linked to a variety of diffferent indoor units. Midwalls, cassettes or ducted.




Multi V


This unit is suitable for large office buildings. Designed for low-noise operation, it ensures a pleasant air conditioning environment.




Rooftop Package


With cooling capacities from 88 800 BTU/hr to 300 000 BTU/hr and heating capacities from 96 000 BTU/hr to 324 000 BTU/hr, these rooftop package units are ideal for ducted airconditioning of large open-plan areas and are suitable for large buildings.