Residential Airconditioners


We supply, repair and install only the most reliable brands of residential airconditioners We are accredited dealers for LG, Samsung, Daikin, Alliance, York and Jet Air. We have a full range of inverter (energy saving) airconditioners. Our inverter airconditioners save up to 60% on your electricity bill, depending on the brand you choose. We also have a full range of standard or non inverter airconditioners. Airconditioners are suitable for both heating in Winter and cooling in Summer. The following airconditioners are the most popular choices for home use.



Midwall Split airconditioners


These units have an indoor and an outdoor unit and are the most popular choice for residences.




Cassette Airconditioners


The cassette airconditioner is mounted in the ceiling and is suitable for residential and commercial applications.



Ducted Systems


Suitable for areas larger than 40sqm. Used in commercial and industrial applications as well as upmarket residential. Various rooms can be heated and cooled with this unit.



Free Joint System


This unit is suitable for complexes. The unit has 3 indoors and 1 outdoor unit.






The cooling capacity of an air conditioning unit is measured in British Thermal Units (BTU). The BTU rating is a measure of how much cooling the unit can provide.


15sqm to 19 sqm - 9oooBTU

20sqm to 25 sqm - 12oooBTU

26sqm to 35 sqm - 18oooBTU

36sqm to 45 sqm - 24oooBTU

46sqm to 60 sqm - 30oooBTU